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GencONE Advantages

GencONE Advantages

Ÿ Rich information, open and transparency.

GencONE contains thousands of universities’ recruitment information about overseas students. The programs’ information on GencONE updates timely and the application recruitment is open and transparency. GencONE is time-saving and efficient, which will remove the pain of customers searching information all around.

Ÿ Professional service, customize at random.

GencONE holds the purpose of “Customers First” and provide thoughtful consulting services and application help for those who would like to study aboard or work aboard. Customers could order services at random on GencONE, including every aspect such as job recommendation, school application, arrangement in China and every single detail in life.

Ÿ Abundant strength, guarantee high reputation

GencONE group has more than ten years international education consulting service and applying experience. It cooperates with hundreds of schools in China and more than 70 schools in North America, it also has its campus ambassadors in more than 300 universities in North America. GencONE has the biggest international summer school in China, which is also the only one summer school across the strait. GencONE company s praised as the most original international studying aboard consulting company by peers.

As a subsidiary of SIMPWAY Group, GencONE possesses unique advantages of resources and industry experience relying on its three brother companies - ONPS Summer School, HITURE Study Abroad Consulting Company and Horizon Media Company. All service packages have clear service details which could guarantee customers consuming without worries and enjoy service comfortably. GencONE group tries its best to protect the rights of customers.

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