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Help Center/ About GencONE/ What can we do?/ Services Before Departure

Services Before Departure

Ÿ Programs and Scholarship Application Services

GencONE covers more than 330 universities in China, more than 50,000 programs in total including short terms less than 100 days and up to 4-5 years’ degree programs.

Our consultant will pick up the most suitable program for you no matter you want language learning, degree programs, study tour of volunteer overseas.

Comparing with studying in America or Britain and other developed country, studying in China is very worthy, as the budget is even one fifth of that in developed country. And of course, if condition permits, GencONE will help you apply for scholarship.

Ÿ Visa Application Service

Visa application is a necessary step in going aboard, it seems easy but it is troublesome and complicated in action. GencONE consultant could help you choose the right type of visa and prepare application documents.This service will help you avoid omissions and mistakes.

Ÿ Airport Pick-up Service

Are you worried that you can't find the way to school or home when you get to China? Don’t worry! GencONE provides you professional airport pick-up service, local people who can speak English will be waiting for you at the airport. We will also provide you the most thoughtful service even your flight is night or even midnight.

Ÿ Accommodation Booking Service

Accommodation is always question that people concerns. GencONE will provide you two accommodation booking modes, which are accommodation on compus and off compus.

In general, universities will provide accommodation for students. Most rooms are with two people, three people, four people and single room is rare. Actually the students are numerous but rooms are limited, schools couldn’t guarantee that you have a room when you arrive. But if you order a room on GencONE, once succeed, school will keep a room for you until you come.

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